April 29, 2009

What is Furminating and why do I want to add it to my dog’s groom?

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:35 am by Michelle

You may have heard of the Furminator, or been offered this service as an add-on to your regular grooming at some point, and not said yes to it because you’d thought it’s something extra you don’t need.  Well…. let me tell you what a believer I am in the Furminator after having used it on a variety of shedding dogs.

First…………what is it? This amazing tool (yellow tool in photos) removes the undercoat from your dog (that’s where the shedding fur comes from)… and boy does it ever remove that coat!  Whether you have a short-haired or long-haired coat dog, you will be amazed at how much fur comes out of their coats during the process of furminating.

Why does it cost extra?? The process can take up to an hour depending on the type of coat and how much fur there is to remove… and it’s all done by hand!   A dog who is regularly furminated will have little to no shedding afterwards while a dog new to this process will have LOTS of undercoat removed and you may experience some normal shedding for a short time after their groom.

It really is an amazing process.  Pictured below are some samples of dogs I have furminated recently.  You can see the amount of undercoat that was removed and how incredibly slick and shiny the dogs’ coats are afterwards.  They are truly beautiful!  Take a look……………..  and the next time you go for a groom, ask your stylist if they recommend a furminator treatment on your dog!


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